Technology is a powerful storytelling tool giving brands deeper meaning while bending reality to convey brand personality and offerings. Tech combined with design aesthetics and craftsmanship heighten interactions into beautiful-powerful experiences.
Here are examples of some tech ideas that I've championed and created.
This amazing display of lights was created to celebrate the holiday and share good tiding with the clients of Doner advertising. I worked closely with Firefly Drones to create this 300 drone display. This activation derived from the idea of a light show you'd typically see on a home during the holiday, now untethered and in the sky. I've recently taken to Drone photography with a purchase of a new toy, the DJI Maveric Air II.
Louis is a predictive AI concept that takes user data and that makes logical connections based on user habits and likes. Ultimately learning and anticipating a users next move by offering up what the user likes and surprising them with actually predicting what they might like in the future. More than an idea on paper, we created a working model of this AI that fully functioned. The first time LOUIS asked me if I wanted to go to a concert (based on my Spotify playlist + Bands In Town), he predicted what I would like perfectly, it was a truly amazing experience. I bought tickets on the spot.
The UI and iconography was developed to be simple monowidth line art, we wanted it to feel unique and branded. The LOUIS brand persona is an approachable character meticulously created for him by a writer and Amazon Polly–more friend less AI.  Interactions between the user and LOUIS that were more like a friend joking with you.
To create this life-sized hologram I worked with HUSH NYC. It was designed to be much like the famous Tupac hologram utilizing projectors and glass reflections. The co-star of this visual is the sound design, that was designed to fill the room with focused audio.
This working touchscreen prototype was created in partnership with STINK Digital it added usage of the Camaro Visualizer App.
VR is a powerful tool for branding, it's capable of mesmerizing interactions and ultimately a way to bring well crafted brand offerings into a consumer's living room. I've turned my attention to finding new ways to bring the brand experience and storytelling with the Oculus Quest II, this VR unit is a real game changer and a glimpse of the affordable high powered VR Metaverse.
Below is a VR proof of concept for the HTC Vive, We've taken a 2019 Silverado and placed it in an endless Redwood scene created with the Unreal Engine. Utilizing the UI of a controller carousel (much like Tilt Brush) the user can change features of the truck. In the future you could go on adventures in endless locations in Chevrolet automobiles.
To launch the Chevy Bolt EV, we created a catalog with informative video touchpoints. These videos were activated by utilizing the web app with the camera enabled. The app used machine learning to recognize the unique illustrations and deliver the video content.
I created this AR book about 8 years ago with a team at Hill Holliday in Boston. I was fortunate enough to work with enough talented folks that this piece was entirely done inhouse with AR developers, illustrators and animators. Nice example of physical objects being layered with technology and storytelling.
This is a concept for utilizing XR with a physical 3D printed Corvette used as a marker for an AR app that locks onto the object, allows user to engage AR in a unique way. The future integration idea is utilizing  Blockchain to track fulfillment, ultimately you'd be able to view each step of your new vehicles journey through the factory build all the way to delivery through unique interactions and notifications.

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