It's a Revolution—AutoAD AI
I started seeing the potential of Midjourney/AIs in March 2023 could effect client business and I felt it might be a profit center to create bespoke AI portal to create client work quickly. What makes this different than another Gen AI? This one is trained on the best advertising ever created so it understands what makes a funny tv commercial or a compelling visual with a headline. Built by ad people, for ad people.
The story and slides for the presentation are created using Midjourney 5.2 with the story line created in ChatGPT 4. We find our hero, the astronaut, trying to figure out how to do donuts in a Dodge Hellcat on the surface of the moon. Mmmm donuts.
Can I make this amazing AI tool? Heck yeah. If you're interested let's have a coffee and talk about putting a dent in the universe.

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