I have a strong passion for Augmented Reality (AR) and thoroughly enjoy crafting AR and CGI experiences. Lately, I've been exploring a new workflow that involves creating and painting CGI models directly on the iPad. This process incorporates software like Nomad Sculpt and Procreate, allowing me to add intricate, hand-crafted details to models that are ready for AR applications.
The examples I'm sharing here are the result of a collaborative effort with Lenslist, where I collaborated closely with in-house CGI designers and creative technologists. I provided guidance and oversight to ensure that our shared vision came to life successfully.
My motivation lies in creating and offering engaging and interactive digital experiences like these. The process has been truly enjoyable, and I am driven to continue developing and marketing such innovative digital work.
Feel free to scan the QR code below to activate the Augmented Reality (AR) experience, which was built using 8th Wall. This cloud-based AR solution is known for its low bandwidth requirements and doesn't necessitate the use of any additional apps.​​​​​​​
Click image below to launch.
Here are some instances of promotional t-shirts and concept posters that I designed using Midjourney. For the posters, I aimed to impart a textured, vintage appearance. To achieve this, I used a prompt that evoked the essence of Kodak Ektochrome film from that era. I meticulously refined the visuals until they exuded an authentic feel and conveyed a unique narrative for each pizza offering.
We designed this Snapchat filter with the goal of increasing exposure to younger audiences for our 50th Anniversary celebration. It allows users to transform themselves into a version of our HH logo, engaging them in a unique and interactive way.
Click image to launch.
Here are some examples of the 3D scans that were created for the AR experience. I handled most of the art and scanning work to keep costs low. This approach also provided an opportunity for my team to learn how to create AR content using this workflow, which will be valuable for future projects.

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