MRM/SLT/Excelerate—Show Design
This work is meant to capture the essence of the theme of the show 'Excelerate' (merging speed with craft excellence) by harnessing the latest advancements in AI technology for images, graphics, sound and animation. Through this project, my purpose was to showcase the power of purposeful use of cutting-edge technology and inspire creatives to unlock and experiment with these tools for their own projects.
I aimed to demonstrate the breadth of AI technology for creative exploration by using WonderStudio, which replaces actors with AI-driven CGI characters. In partnership with Monogrid, we produced a compliant CGI robot model for WonderStudio, providing a versatile tool for content creation.
As I began this project, Dall E 3 was released, and it arrived at the perfect time. I had been facing challenges in generating consistent characters using Midjourney 5.2, but I found that DE3 greatly simplified the process. The results from DE3 were unexpectedly helpful; when I requested outlandish images, it delivered art worked for my needs.
Which is the best image to video AI currently? Based on my testing between many applications like Runway, Pika Labs, and Kaiber—Runway was the most consistent and usable. Pika had a couple shining moments but the image resolution wasn't usable for our needs. Kaiber is interesting but the end result is very surreal and uncontrollable.
We pulled off this project with a shoestring budget because, let's face it, funds are super tight these days. We hustled and got it done in just two months, start to finish. The goal? To take AI tools for a spin, mix 'em up, and see if we could tell a story that sticks. And like the saying goes, "AI's only gonna get better from here"—it's changing every single day.
You can grab the step-by-step guide link below that breaks down the AI tools used and how you can weave Generative AI into your creative process. Also, if you're up for teaming up on any AI-related projects, just give me a shout. 
Download the process here: JAStudio.AI CaseStudy

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