Beautiful cars create passion and we passionately designed this beautiful 11x14 catalog with a giant gate fold-out, created to drool over all the customizable options of the amazing piece of technology. The new design needed a clean fresh look and this catalog signaled a new era of mid-engine speed machine for Chevrolet.
The archival nature of the medium is something people collect and covet, I'm sure 100 years from now it will still be as beautiful as the day it was created, minus all the drool stains. If you wanna buy one of these beauties search no further then ebay.
This beautiful speed shape is a gift from Chevy, if you're lucky enough to buy one of these speed demons. We first designed this piece utilizing CGI to present box designs to the client. Then moved to prototyping, where every detail was scrutinized in this one-of-a-kind gift that comes with a certificate to driving school and a plaque with the vehicle VIN.
A felt bottom was applied to the model, and within the base and speed shape are magnets to hold the model to the base. The box also features magnets that aid in keeping the box feeling and looking premium, complimenting Corvette's advanced design.
These images are created using C4D, I worked in collaboration with Xvision in Detroit to do entire scenes in CGI that are believable with as much effects and lighting done in the CGI world so no retouching would be needed. We looked at creating proof of concept for generating atmosphere, depth of field, and imperfections in the 3D environment.

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